Chinese media platform BesTV and online education service provider announced that the two companies will team to develop the Chinese TV digital education market.

BesTV and Koolearn will first launch a TV course based on BesTV's IPTV business. This TV course will provide lectures of well-known teachers from Koolearn, covering all subjects and contents of high school lessons. After that, the two parties will launch more content related to TOEFL, IELTS, and everyday English learning. In addition, more advanced online video practices, smart learning push products, and interactive learning with famous teachers will all be created in future updates.

Moreover, BesTV will introduce Koolearn's original children's educational product named "Donner Wisdom Rubik's Cube" to its Internet smart TV set-top box. The two parties will form an exclusive partnership to provide this program on the TV end.

BesTV and Koolearn said that with the upgrade of BesTV's smart terminals, they expect to add more functions like somatosensory system and conversation between human and machine to bring more fun to children's educational product.

Financial terms of the deal were not announced.


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