Chinese cloud services provider ChinaC is launching what it claims is the first cloud service standard for the Chinese cloud service industry.

The contents of this standard, which read more like a marketing ploy, include opening cloud hosting in five minutes for new users; completing system re-installation within five minutes; and completing system reboots in five minutes.

At present, the Chinese cloud computing industry does not have unified service standards and mainstream manufacturers have their own criteria.

According to Zhang Yinbin, vice president of the research and development center at ChinaC, the cloud service standard represents the company's service commitment to customers.

Zhang said that starting from August 2014, ChinaC promised to provide fast-response cloud services to users. At the same time, the company will deliver unified-standard services in 20 data centers in 15 cities across the country. ChinaC has nationwide and international service capacity and the company will expand its service network to Hong Kong and North America. In the future, they plan to focus on the development of four large-scale nodes while cooperating with partners to develop over 100 regional nodes across China.

ChinaC's technical support team will provide around-the-clock services to small- and medium-sized enterprise users, aiming to deliver attentive butler services to users.

Competing, larger services from Alibaba's Aliyun and Huawei have not commented on the customer-centric ploy espoused by ChinaC.


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