Alipay and Huawei announced that the two parties have worked together in the launch of standard solutions for fingerprint payment in China.

In this partnership, Alipay is responsible for creating more convenient payment experience to users, while Huawei provides devices and payment technologies.The new fingerprint payment function was officially available on September 4, 2014.

Alipay's fingerprint payment is to determine personal identity by human biological fingerprint features and connect it with Alipay accounts. It is secure and fast to implement transactions and payments with the fingerprint identification technology. This new function will be first installed on Huawei's Mate7 smartphone.

According to Alipay, fingerprint payment is only one category of biological identification and others include iris identification and facial identification. However, fingerprint identification is currently the most mature technology. Alipay said that the company is establishing a fingerprint identification system, which will be opened to more phone makers in the future.

Huawei's senior vice president Li Xiaolong said that the fingerprint information will be saved locally instead of uploaded to servers. So that will hopefully assuage users' worries about privacy and security.



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