Chinese search engine company Baidu announced that Zhang Yaqin, former president of Microsoft Asia Pacific Research and Develop Group, officially joined Baidu as president responsible for leading emerging businesses.

Before joining Baidu, Zhang was Microsoft's global senior vice president and Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group president, leading Microsoft's comprehensive scientific research and product development in Asia Pacific. Zhang joined Microsoft in 1999 and he was a co-founder of Microsoft Research Asia. In 2006, he established the Asia-Pacific Research and Development Group, which integrates various departments and covers basic research, technology implementation, product development, and strategic cooperation.

Robin Li, chairman and chief executive officer of Baidu, said that they welcome Zhang, who has good technical knowledge and rich business experience. Li said he believes that Zhang will make precious contributions for Baidu's development in the emerging business sector.

Zhang said that he is excited to join Baidu during the key turning point of the Internet industry. Baidu has a great vision and development courage. He said the company actively deploys resources in important cutting-edge technical sectors and continues to enhance research and development investments. Zhang said he shares the vision of Baidu and is looking forward to becoming a member of the team.


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