Jane Poynter, co-founder and chief executive officer of World View Enterprises, revealed that the company recently gained a new round of investments and its investors included the Chinese Internet technology giant Tencent.

Focusing on the research and development of space travel business, World View operates high-altitude balloons that offer an accessible and affordable way to access near space. The company plans to launch a near space travel service in 2016. By using different technologies, the cost of this travel service will be much lower than other space travel methods.

At present, space travel is experiencing a fast industrial development in some countries. Virgin Galactic and XCOR Aerospace both have received investments from Google.

Prior to this, Virgin Galactic's suborbital passenger spaceship crashed during a test flight. Despite the crash of some business passenger spaceships, the capital market still holds an optimistic attitude towards space travel products. It is said that over 800 people have paid deposits to fly aboard the spaceship, which will be transported to an altitude of about 13,700 meters before being released.


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