Letv cloud, the cloud computing-based video open platform of Letv.com, and Microsoft jointly held a press conference in Beijing and announced that the two parties have inked a deal for solution compatibility.

With the cooperation, Letv cloud video-related solutions will be compatible with Microsoft's public cloud computing platform Microsoft Azure in the future. Letv cloud video solution will be like online software and Microsoft Azure will be like a hardware platform which allows Letv cloud solutions to run on Microsoft Azure cloud computing platform.

The cooperation of the two parties have big complementary advantages. By supporting Microsoft Azure, Letv cloud can provide more convenient cloud computing services to clients; in return, Microsoft will be able to promote the development of its public cloud business.

Letv cloud video open platform has cloud video-on-demand, cloud live, and content delivery network solutions and those solutions cover various sectors, including broadcasting and TV, e-commerce, education, media, animation, and smart home.

Financial terms of the deal were not released.


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