Chinese information technology solutions provider Ultrapower's wholly-owned subsidiary is helping China's biggest mobile provider compete with instant messaging apps like Facebook's Whatsapp, Tencent's Wechat, and Apple's iMessage.

Feinno Communication Tech, the Ultrapower subsidiary, has signed an agreement with China Mobile Guangdong branch to develop a customized platform and apps for the personal converged communications system project being created by the China Mobile branch.

Feinno Communication Tech will be responsible for the development of customized software for China Mobile's converged communications extension functional platform, including a China Mobile converged communications Native terminal, RCS app business, Fetion platform interconnection, two-dimensional code generation, and overall project construction.

The project cycle is reportedly 12 months and the contract value is about CNY32.894 million. The final payout will be decided by test results.

China Mobile's converged communications aims to upgrade mobile phone calls, messages and contact functions. With the upgrade, users will be able to send texts, photos, and locations the same way as chatting apps like Whatsapp, iMessage, and WeChat do for their users. Moreover, they can complete the sending via short message when there is no data network connections.


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