Letv will soon launch its next-generation super TV product in China.

With the name of X55 Air, the new product will reportedly have a 55-inch display, full metal frame, and it will support 4K resolution. The product will be sold at about CNY5,000.

The X55 Air will adopt the similar production process with X60S; however, the new-generation product will feature a full metal frame, cloud-based software, a hardware configuration that can support more complex system operations, and optimized user interface.

For pricing, X55 Air may be sold at about CNY5,000, and it will still follow a charging policy of hardware prices plus content service fees.

Several upstream panel manufacturers, including Samsung, LGD, BOE, and CSOT, have started making 8.5 generation production lines in China. In 2015, China will reportedly become the country with the largest 8.5 generation production line LCD display production capacity, which also means that 55-inch TVs will become the mainstream in 2015.

Apart from Letv, other companies like Xiaomi and Skyworth will also release their 55-inch TV products soon.


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