Chinese telecom device maker Huawei announced in Xi'an that the company has completed the construction of a network functions virtualization open lab with an initial investment of over USD5 million.

Liang Hua, president of Huawei global technical service unit, said that the NFV open lab is an innovation center for ICT convergence. It is committed to open cooperation and joint innovation with global partners to establish an NFV industrial eco-chain, integrate value, and help the business success of clients.

Huawei believes that with the fast development of cloud technologies, the traditional business structure of telecom carriers will not be able to meet the customer experience demands of users and they need to transform to ICT-integrated cloud structure. NFV will change the closeness feature of traditional telecom networks, shorten business innovation cycle, lower operating costs, and establish an open industrial chain.

Huawei said that the company has implemented NFV joint innovation and project verification with over 20 carriers around the world. In 2015, they plan to continue in-depth NFV cooperation with over 50 industrial partners.


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