Chinese telecom operator China Mobile announced that by the end of January 2015, it had reached over 100 million 4G users.

The company also announced that they plan to build one million 4G base stations, develop 250 million users, and sell 200 million devices in 2015.

According to China Mobile, their 4G network has realized continuous coverage in most cities and towns and partial coverage in developed villages, reaching over one billion people. Meanwhile, they provide 4G roaming services in 71 countries and regions.

For subscriptions, the company will offer a new data package in addition to new 4G basic packages in 2015.

For devices, China Mobile had cooperated with device manufacturers in providing 1,031 4G devices for customers by the end of January 2015, including 917 4G smartphones and 114 data products. In addition, about 65% of those 4G smartphones are cheaper than CNY1,300.

Statistics provided by China Mobile showed that by the end of January 2015, its Global TD-LTE Initiative had attracted 116 global carrier members and 97 industrial partner members. Meanwhile, there were 52 TD-LTE commercial networks deployed in 30 countries and 83 additional networks were undergoing deployment in 55 countries.


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