Letv and D.Phone announced a deal for D.Phone to open Letv experience zones in its over 4,000 outlets across China.

Those experience zones will become pre-sales and post-sales service sites of Letv products, which are mainly super phone and super TV products. Financial terms of the arrangement were not released.

Letv's LePar sales vice president Zhang Zhiwei said that D.Phone will not keep any stock of goods. Instead, the related deliveries will be provided by LePar. So, D.Phone will only play the role of having experience stores and the product purchases still need to be completed via the Internet. LePar is a partnership project launched by Letv.

By cooperating with Letv, D.Phone will gain commissions from the sales of Letv smart devices, accessories and derivatives. It can also gain income from post-sales services. In addition, as a partner of Letv, the company will have the opportunity to subscribe to possible equity of Letv.

As a traditional 3C channel, D.Phone is transforming itself to a service provider. The company hopes to use its offline network channels to provide complete O2O services to the technology industry. Meanwhile, Letv wants to establish an experience center ecosystem via the nationwide offline channel of D.Phone that allows users to experience the products before purchasing them online.


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