Gone will soon be the joys of walking to a curbside stall in a Chinese city to squeeze and select fruits.

Chinese fresh fruit and vegetable e-commerce provider Fruitday.com announced that the company has completed its series C financing of USD70 million. The investment will be used for the company's basic construction, team development, nationwide business expansion, and upstream supply chain construction.

The B2C e-commerce giant JD.com led the investment, and SIG and Clearvue participated.

With the investment, JD will further improve its market reach. In the future, Fruitday.com can be an important supplier to JD's online fruit channel. Meanwhile, JD can provide logistics support to Fruitday.com to help the company expand market share across China.

Shen Haoyu, chief executive officer of JD, said that e-commerce will become a major channel for fruit and fresh food consumption in China in coming years. The investment in Fruitday.com will benefit JD's in-depth development in the vertical sector and enhance their platform position.

Founded in 2009, Fruitday.com is an early starter in the Chinese fruit and fresh food e-commerce market. It has years of experience in cold chain distribution and supply operation and claims to have realized a profit. The company completed its series A financing in 2013 and series B in 2014.


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