The Chinese company known for making cruise missiles and anti-aircraft artillery will now establish a smart robot company.

With an undisclosed capitalization level, China Aerospace Science & Industry Corporation aims to create a leading company in the Chinese smart robot industry via various measures including introducing strategic investment.

CASIC's intelligent robot company is positioned as the group's robot technology research and development center, industrial platform, and resource integration platform. The company will be responsible for making the group's premier robot development plan, developing technologies, turning research results into achievements, and expanding in the industry.

Based on the new company's plans, its development strategy will be divided into three phases. For the first phase, they will set up a platform company to integrate existing resources and distribute industrial chain while promoting the rapid development of robot-related industries within the group; for the second phase, they will introduce strategic investments and use various capital strength to integrate the group's mature resources, complete its industrial chain, and realize a diversified shareholding structure; and for the third phase, they will integrate the group's external resources and rapidly expand industrial chain by capital operation, establish CASIC's intelligent robot industrial ecosystem, and prepare for IPO.

The smart robot company will focus on the research and development of robot overall technology, integrated servo joint technology, perception and recognition technology, new shock-resistance bionic body, and navigation and positioning technology.


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