A second-tier Chinese mobile phone maker is hoping for big things in 2016.

China's Gionee Group and mobile phone retail chain D.Phone have reached a strategic cooperation agreement for 2016 under which the two parties will work together to achieve sales of one million Gionee devices and add 2,000 cooperating retail sites.

Liu Lirong, chairman of Gionee Group, said that Gionee attaches great important to cooperation with retailers and Gionee has maintained an over ten-year partnership with D.Phone. With the signing of this new strategic cooperation agreement, the two parties will further enhance their close relationship and raise it to a higher level.

At present, Gionee has over 70,000 offline sites and more than 50,000 special sales zones. The company maintains a monthly growth rate of 30% to 40%. In addition, Gionee's product sales via D.Phone channels boast a monthly sales growth of 300%.

The cooperation of the two parties will not only cover the Chinese domestic market, but also will expand to the overseas market in the future. Jin Xin, president of D.Phone, said D.Phone's overseas planning is in line with Gionee's global strategic cooperation. Gionee started overseas layout from 2010 and the company has a very firm foundation. The cooperation between D.Phone and Gionee will surely achieve more brilliant results.

Financial terms of the deal were not released.


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