Chinese mobile Internet security company Cheetah Mobile announced plans to appoint Charles Fan, former senior vice president of VMware, as new chief technology officer of the company, leading Cheetah Mobile's global research and development business.

Prior to this, Cheetah Mobile's president Xu Ming was acting in the CTO role. After Fan's arrival, Xu will remain as president and will put more energy in the comprehensive management of the company.

Before joining Cheetah Mobile, Fan was senior vice president of VMware, leading the cloud storage and big data businesses. He was also founder of VMware China research and development center and EMC China research and development group.

At the same time, Cheetah Mobile announced plans to make Silicon Valley its second global headquarters following Beijing. The company will build a large research and development center in Silicon Valley and plans to accelerate its business expansion and employee hiring in the US over the next two years.



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