Jiang Chuan, vice president of JD.com, recently sent out a farewell letter, confirmation that he left JD.com on February 24, 2016, and joined the beauty-oriented O2O service platform Helijia.com.

Commenting on the reason for his resignation, Jiang said it is for his career development and planning. He hopes his former mobile team can continue their effective work and collaboration spirit to promote the fast growth of JD's mobile business.

Jiang has joined the Chinese beauty-oriented O2O service platform Helijia.com as a partner and chief technology officer. He will be leading the company's product and technology businesses.

Jiang previously worked for Sun and AOL. As a member of the founding team of Nuomi.com, Jiang was responsible for the development of the entire e-commerce platform and mobile-end products of the website. After departing Nuomi.com, he joined Tencent as senior product technical director of the OMG business group.

In 2014, Jiang joined JD as vice president of the group. He was in charge of the product, R&D and operation of JD's mobile business unit. Under his leadership, JD mobile's influence in the industry continued to improve. Its product crash rate was lowered by nearly 20 times; its purchase conversion rate increased by over 100%; its order proportion increased by over 120%; and its GMV grew by 2.6 times.


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