What better way to connect the Internet and devices than through robotic automation? A Chinese mobile company has just committed funds to exploring robot manufacturing.

Chinese Internet and mobile Internet security company Cheetah Mobile announced during its media open day that the company will establish a robot company with an initial investment of USD50 million.

According to Fu Sheng, chief executive officer of Cheetah Mobile, the recent Go game between AlphaGo and Lee Sedol prompted Cheetah Mobile's determination to enter the world of artificial intelligence.

Fu says that the development of the robot industry will release human beings from simple repetitive labor. In this area, human labor will be replaced by artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, which is inevitable. However, Cheetah Mobile did not disclose what kind of robots they will focus on.

In February 2016, Cheetah Mobile's new chief technology officer Fan Chenggong revealed that Cheetah Mobile aimed to build a second headquarters in Silicon Valley. Its American research and development strategy would be based on big data and focus on more cutting-edge tasks like artificial intelligence.

Fan also revealed that for the next step, he will have three major tasks, including content apps such as a news aggregation platform targeting overseas markets, data ecosystems, and long-term exploration of artificial intelligence.


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