China Mobile has completed its VoLTE network deployment, covering over 300 cities and five million active users.

According to China Mobile's Vice President Sha Yuejia, by the end of May 2016, the company's 4G base stations had exceeded 1.3 million and it had more than 400 million 4G users, making it the carrier with the most 4G users in the world. By device sales, China Mobile sold over 580 million 4G devices; and for network speed improvement, the company had deployed its conditional access technology in over 300 cities in China.

Sha said that during the second half of 2016, China Mobile will actively promote 4G+ and accelerate the full commercial use of VoLTE to provide higher-quality voice service to users.

To uincrease the 4G+ experience, China Mobile hopes that industry partners could provide more support to VoLTE devices. The company believes that VoLTE device should become the standard of 4G+.



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