China's biggest sports data service provider, Cubee Technology, announced the completion of a series B round investment from CMC Holdings, a strategic investment firm led by veteran media tycoon Li Ruigang.

During the conference, Cubee Technology spelled out their sports data "multiple application" strategy, and also provided further details on their recent sports data application.

Cubee Technology, established in 2012, is currently the biggest sports data firm in China. Their mobile app services of data consulting, professional soccer match analysis, and sports lottery analysis reaches 33 million users from across six continents.

It claims to serve a broad client based, including Alibaba, Tencent, Baidu, Sina, Ssports, NIKE, Le TV, PPTV sports.

"Technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, will become the cornerstones of the technical gene of sports data, which is itself one of the core drivers of business development," said Li Ruigang, president of CMC.

In the sports industry, data is the core element, functioning as the "connector" of the whole business. Cubee Technology has accumulated powerful technologies and has already conducted deep research to become the "data connector" in this rapidly growing sports industry, Li added.

Since 2015, CMC has helped the burgeoning growth of the sports data industry. CMC have used their financing to assist in match copyright development, content production, media operation, match and activities management, stadium management, athlete agency, sports marketing, and data services.

For CMC, Cubee is the final piece in the puzzle to allow its portfolio to cover all areas of the sports industry and integrates the platform, service and technology.


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