Hisense and the Fujian Provincial Expressway Information Technology Company have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to establish a smart system for the highways in the southern Chinese province.

The deal focuses on services such as self-service toll payments and smart business functions within the service zones along the highway. Financial terms of the deal were not released.

Cars will be able to rapidly pass the unmanned highway stations and enjoy customized services within the service zones. For example, Hisense will crunch the spending habits data so consumers will gain product recommendations and preferential treatment within the service zones.

The services will improve the information level of highway charging stations and reduce the time drivers spend both paying tolls and at the service zones on the side of the highway.

At the same time, the intelligent service zones will apply intelligent recognition technologies to provide customized services. Prior to a customer's arrival, the system will be able to know the preference of customers via records in the past. When customers arrive, the system data will enable precise marketing and the full-channel payment methods will significantly improve customer experience.

And after consumption, the system will send e-coupons to members to stimulate repeat consumption and related consumption. With the continued accumulation of the three stages, consumers will receive more personalized services along Fujian's roads.


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