U.S.-based Starwood Hotels and Resorts is taking its brand message online to Chinese consumers with the introduction of actress Liu Tao as the company's key opinion leader for its Westin brand.

The actress known for her film roles in "The Last Concubine" and "Dali Princess" and who served in the People's Liberation Army is dropping her communist roots for the capitalist endeavor of promoting the hotel as its new Westin Healthy Living Ambassador.

As a KOL for the Westin brand, Liu Tao will create online videos to create social media buzz such as this QQ-hosted one in which she wakes with her kids, engages in a vigorous workout at Westin, and then enjoys a meal and walk along the beach.

Neither Liu Tao nor Starwood stated financial details of the brand-building role, and the length of time for Liu Tao's commitment in the Internet initiative has also not been revealed.


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