China's Kingsoft Group announced that its current chief executive officer Zhang Hongjiang will retire on December 1, 2016 and Zou Tao, current chief executive officer of Seasun, will become the CEO of the group.

According to the online security and cloud computing software company, Zhang's retirement is due to family reasons, and Zhang decided to retire on the expiration of his contract. After retirement, Zhang will no longer be executive director of Kingsoft Group or hold any position in its affiliates. However, he will help with business development of Kingsoft Group as a consultant.

Meanwhile, Kingsoft announced a series of personnel changes. Seasun's CEO Zou Tao will be Kingsoft Group CEO from December 1, 2016 and he will continue to be CEO of Seasun; Wang Yulin, vice president of Kingsoft Group and director of Kingsoft Cloud, will be the group's senior vice president and CEO of Kingsoft Cloud; and Guo Weiwei, vice president of Seasun, will be vice president of Kingsoft Group and chief operating officer of Seasun.

Zhang will continue to lead the daily operation of Kingsoft until the effective date of his retirement to ensure the smooth transition of the management of the company.


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