Chinese interactive entertainment content platform Linekong has completed a strategic investment of tens of millions of RMB in appMagics, a mixed reality technology company.

This is Linekong's first disclosed investment project in the VR/AR sector, but the exact amount figure is still unclear.

Founded in 2014, appMagics focuses on mixed reality technologies which integrate virtual reality and augmented reality. Its products include virtual augmented reality cameras and a magic creative image community. At present, appMagics is trying to apply facial capture technology to Internet live shows.

According to Linekong, appMagics has completed the development of a magic avatar product named FaceMagic Avatar and a software development kit named FaceMagic SDK, targeting live app developers in China. FaceMagic Avatar can make various customized cartoon avatars, which can help live show hosts perform as virtual avatars. FaceMagic SDK is an integration of VR/AR algorithms, which can provide various special effects based on facial expressions and features.


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