Chinese telecommunications device maker Huawei will build an innovation experience center in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Chinese company will train information and communications technology talents for this country as it invests USD6 million in this project.

As the first innovation experience center in West Africa, Huawei's new project will allow people to access the most cutting-edge technologies in the world and explore business solutions via innovation. This center will also provide a mutual beneficial platform for the development of information and communications technology ecosystem.

With an area of about 500 square meters, Huawei's innovation experience center will apply cloud technologies to enable the sharing of global resources of Huawei in Africa.

Huawei has been developing within the Nigerian market for 16 years and the company is committed to investments in industrial innovation driven by customer demands and new technologies. Huawei revealed that the innovation experience center will also work as a training platform, which will train more information and communications technology talents. To promote this project, Huawei Nigeria and University of Lagos signed a joint innovation memorandum of understanding.


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