Months after acquiring its American rival Uber in China, Didi Chuxing is dealing with the headaches of appeasing local governments and old-school taxi companies in China.

Didi Chuxing announced it has reached deals with over 150 taxi enterprises, as it is aiming to promote the transformation and upgrade of the taxi industry, increase income and operating efficiency of drivers, and improve passenger experiences in China.

Didi has launched a special channel for the fusion development of taxis and Internet-hailed cars. All taxi enterprises that meet the criteria can apply for cooperation negotiations via the official website of Didi.

A representative from Didi revealed to local media that so far Didi has implemented diversified cooperation with over 150 taxi enterprises in dozens of cities in China. Didi can provide taxi enterprises with professional driver service trainings, authentication solutions, and vehicle financing solutions. With their own advantages in staff recruiting and offline management, those taxi enterprises will be able to explore the high-end car-hailing market with the help of Didi.

In addition, Didi published its criteria for taxi enterprise partners. Its taxi enterprise partners should have standard staff management systems and certain online capacity. Over 30% of their drivers should be registered on Didi; their total number of cruising taxis need to be over 50; and the companies must agree to implement information exchanges of drivers and cars with Didi.

Once the partnership is formed, those taxi enterprises will have access to Didi's unique Internet technologies, computer algorithms, platform big data services, and operation and management ideas.


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