The band will play on for The Web portal's cloud music division has launched a project to support independent musicians in China with CNY200 million.

Over the next year, NetEase cloud music will use the CNY200 million investment to help independent musicians gain promotional resources, album investments, performance opportunities, and music training.

Zhu Yiwen, chief executive officer of NetEase cloud music, said that according to their previous musician survey results, about 68% of musicians only had average monthly income of below CNY1,000 from their music; while less than 5% of musicians can achieve monthly income of over CNY10,000 from music. To change this situation, NetEase cloud music announced this project to support independent musicians.

Established in 2013, NetEase cloud music has gained over 200 million users by July 2016. The NetEase cloud music platform currently has more than 20,000 active independent musicians, who totally have uploaded over 400,000 original music works.


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