Baidu Map has reached strategic cooperation deals with the tourism bureaus of the four Northern European countries: Norway, Finland, Sweden and Denmark.

Baidu Map's representative told local Chinese media they would jointly begin operational activities by exchanging data and sharing promotional resources to improve the travel experience of Chinese tourists to promote the sustainable development of the tourism industry of the four Northern European countries.

Baidu Map has already reached similar strategic cooperation with Thailand and South Korea. At the same time, they announced plans to launch services in 106 countries in Africa, Europe, and Asia by the end of this month, as they aim to cover 209 countries and regions around the world and 99% of the world's population.

In April 2016, Baidu Map officially announced the launch of its international strategy. At that time, they announced plans to cover over 150 countries around the world and they expected that 50% of its users would be from the overseas market by 2020.


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