Chinese software enterprise iFlytek released several new products covering input methods, voice translation, TVs, car systems and robotics.

iFlytek said that the company currently has 400 million users and they added new functions like OCR intelligent scan inputs, somatosensory inputs, and real-time voice input correction.

For real-time machine translation, iFlytek launched a "portable translator", which has embedded iFlytek's latest real-time machine translation system to give users cross-language communication. According to Hu Yu, iFlytek's rotating president, the portable translator is only the size of a remote control and it currently can translate Chinese, English, and Uyghur.

For TVs and smart home services, iFlytek launched a TV assistant, which is a system that can realize real-time control of TV and home appliances via voice.

In addition, iFlytek displayed its results of combining artificial intelligence with educational tools. With artificial intelligence and big data analysis, the company is developing personalized education and analysis, covering over 75 million teachers and students.

But the artificial intelligence embedded in the educational tools are not the only spots where AI is found. The company's portable translator and TV assistant both use AI functionality to anticipate and expand interactions with human users. And the company says it will continue to fine-tune and develop more products around the AI core.

Financial terms related to the amount of investment used for each innovation was not made available by the company.


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