Western China is the home of China's pandas and site for a new partnership between Europe's largest business accelerator group and China's first state-ranked private incubator.

Europe-based Startupbootcamp is launching the accelerator's first China-based program to focus on the country's digital health entrepreneurs. Startupbootcamp is forming a joint partnership between Startupbootcamp and Thinkzone, which is China's first state-ranked private incubator accommodating over 500 enterprises in mobile internet, software R&D, and digital media.

Thinkzone, located in the central area of Tianfu new city in Chengdu Hi-Tech Zone, started construction in 1994. In 2005, it was rated to be the national technology and business service center, becoming the first state-ranked private incubator in China.

The companies have not provided details about how the new business is licensed, the ownership structure of the joint program, and the capitalization levels of the business. All of this information is vital for entrepreneurs to understand the transparency levels of this new venture which will potentially own part of their respective businesses.

Startupbootcamp's Digital Health program will select high-potential startups from China and neighboring countries that are working to improve access to quality healthcare in the areas such as digital medical devices, diagnostics, genomics, wearable devices, and remote health monitoring.

The 10 selected startups will receive RMB100,0000 in seed funding, free office space, mentoring from 100+ industry specialist, introductions to local partners and investors as well as access to Startupbootcamp's large international network in more than 30 countries.

During the 3-month program period, the selected companies will be supported through every stage of their business growth – from market fit, product development to sales – through tailored and hands-on sessions.


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