Tencent Cloud will open 11 additional overseas service nodes by the end of December 2016.

Those new service nodes will reportedly cover Seoul, Sydney, Tokyo, and India in Asia Pacific; Frankfurt, London, and Amsterdam in Europe; Washington, Dallas, and Silicon Valley in North America; and Sao Paulo in South America.

Wang Huixing, vice president of Tencent Cloud, said that the reasons for Tencent Cloud's rapid coverage in the overseas markets are because of the explosive growth of overseas big data demand and the realization of the company's overseas strategy launched in 2014. The company hopes to help more Chinese enterprises enter the global market and compete with global companies.

Wang said that with more complete overseas service nodes and cheaper prices, Tencent Cloud aims to lower the costs of overseas expansion for Chinese enterprises, to help them implement business faster in the overseas markets. He also revealed that Tencent Cloud will continue to upgrade and launch data centers in America, Europe, and South Korea over the first half of 2017.

Prior to this, Tencent Cloud established overseas data centers in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Toronto. With the launch of the 11 overseas service nodes, the company currently has 14 overseas service nodes. In addition, it has five data centers in China.


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