Jason Mackenzie, global vice president of HTC, announced his departure from the Taiwanese company at the beginning of February 2017 during the Chinese New Year holiday, and he expressed his gratitude to HTC's former chief executive officer Peter Chou and current chief executive officer Cher Wang.

Mackenzie did not disclose the reasons for his sudden departure or his future planning.

Mackenzie served HTC for 12 years. He worked as HTC's president of North America region for a long time and was promoted to executive vice president a year ago, leading the company's global business operations.

As the competition in the global smartphone market has become more severe, HTC, once a smartphone giant, is shifting its focus to VR business and as it lost its dominate position in the mobile phone market. This has also led to the loss of users and executives.

HTC's former CEO Peter Chou and global public relations vice president Lorain Wong previously left the company. Recently, HTC's design director Claude Zellweger, who led the design of HTC One, confirmed plans to depart HTC to join the Google Daydream team.


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