Foxconn will invest USD8.9 billion to build a panel manufacturing plant in Guangzhou and the plant will start construction in March 2017.

In 2016, Foxconn acquired the Japanese TV brand Sharp. To better use Sharp's technologies and brand, Foxconn decided to invest USD8.9 billion to build a plant in Guangzhou. This new plant is expected to complete construction before 2019.

This new plant will use the largest existing glass substrate for production and it will be able to make 90,000 UHD panels each month, with total value of CNY92 billion. Those panels will be used in sectors like health care, education, and smart home products.

The Guangzhou plant will use large-screen LCD technology to make the screens. This technology is from Sakai Display Products Corp, which is a joint venture established by Sharp and Foxconn.


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