Chinese search engine company Baidu launched its digital assistant-focused DuerOS earlier this year, and now is building out its team for its DuerOS smart chip.

The newly-unveiled DuerOS smart chip provides one-stop intelligent voice interactive solutions focusing on cost, performance, and ease of use. According to Zhu Kaihua, chief technology officer of Duer business unit, DuerOS smart chip has low-cost chip and module as well as built-in DuerOS. It can be placed on any hardware.

This is reportedly the first important product launched by Baidu's Duer business unit since it became independent in 2017.

On February 16, 2017, Baidu officially announced plans to upgrade the Duer team to business unit. Chief architect Jing Kun was appointed general manager of the Duer business unit. After this adjustment, Jing would report to Lu Qi, Baidu Group's president and chief operating officer.


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