William Ding, LeSEE's co-founder, global vice president, and China and Asia Pacific CEO, recently confirmed his departure from LeSEE on Weibo.

At the same time, LeSEE announced that LeSEE China's president and chief operating officer Zhang Hailiang will be LeSEE's global chief executive officer, effective immediately. Meanwhile, Niu Shengfu formally joined LeSEE as the company's chief technology officer in China.

Born in October 1970, Zhang is a senior engineer with a PhD. He formally joined LeSEE in April 2016 as president and COO of LeSEE China. Prior to joining LeSEE, Zhang worked for SAIC Volkswagen.

Niu also worked for SAIC Volkswagen for nearly 20 years before joining LeSEE. He has extensive experience in car vehicle development, department management, and cross-cultural cooperation. In the new energy technology sector, Niu started to promote SAIC Volkswagen's new energy R&D facility construction and new energy technology development from 2008. He also implemented the development of various new energy vehicles for SAIC Volkswagen.


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