Huawei and Telecommunication Company of Iran have jointly launched a new project aiming to integrate and upgrade the fixed telephone and mobile telecommunications networks of Iran.

Babak Tarakome, chairman of TCI, said that Huawei has organized seminars for Iranian technical staff that will assist Chinese enterprises to implement the project. A new program, which will improve project implementation efficiency and integrity, has been designed and launched in cities like Tehran. Tarakome revealed that TCI is purchasing equipment needed for the project; however, no further detail was given.

The whole project includes two parts: IP network integration and packet optical transport network.

Tarakome said by integrating the fixed telephone and mobile telecommunications networks, they will be able to lower operating costs and improve service quality. Therefore, this project is very favorable for TCI's future. On the completion of the project, the telecom network of Iran will see a significant improvement and TCI can provide services anytime, anywhere via the integrated and fully automated system.

Full financial details of the deal were not released by either party.


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