The Chinese government's tightening noose on illegal Internet content has found its latest victim: LeEco.

LeEco's cloud disk service announced service closure to individual users, and the company has informed users to back up their files before the deadline on June 30, 2017. Thereafter, all files will be deleted from LeEco's servers.

LeEco stated that some people used its cloud disk service to store illegal files such as pirated movies or pornographic content. Therefore, the company decided to stop providing services to individual cloud disk users.

LeEco previously suspended its cloud disk video upload function in October 2016. It said in a notice then that to cooperate with Chinese government's special rectification campaign against pornographic contents spreading via cloud disks, they had suspended video upload service. Meanwhile, users' existing video data would be maintained at that time.

The notice also pointed out that the company would actively support government authorities to santize their servers of illegal content. Once detected, those contents would be automatically deleted and no backup or download services would be provided to users.

Apart from LeEco, several other Internet disk providers already made similar moves. Previously, 360 cloud disk stopped providing services to individual users; 15 network disk closed some functions; Sina micro disk stopped storage service for common users; UC network disk announced to terminate storage service; and Xunlei stopped storage service too for individual users.


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