Internet smart TV brand Coocaa announced that the company has gained a CNY300 million strategic investment from Tencent.

The company already received a CNY150 million strategic investment from Iqiyi in September 2016.

Founded in October 2006, Coocaa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Skyworth. The company is operated around its smart TV operating system — Coocaa system — and extended to product lines like TV set and remote control.

Apart from announcing the strategic investment of Tencent, Coocaa also introduced its overall solutions for businesses in the VR sector. Facing the potential market, Coocaa VR will apply Skyworth's resources and advantages in the radio and television system and education sector to promote the realization of its business-related overall solutions.

In addition, to accelerate the realization of its business solutions for VR, Coocaa plans to invest CNY100 million into technical teams and content production teams who have core advantages in the VR industry.


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