Japan's SoftBank Group formally announced that they have reached a deal with China's ZTE to implement field testing of 5G communications technologies in Tokyo.

The testing is led by SoftBank and ZTE is mainly responsible for support during the process. The frequency being tested is 4.5GHz.

This is reportedly not the first time for ZTE and SoftBank to cooperate. Their previous cooperation was mainly in the research and development of large capacity multi-input and multi-output technology, which is a basic technology for 5G communications. Due to the good cooperating relationship of the two parties, SoftBank and ZTE decided to further explore the 5G sector together.

A common idea in the telecom industry that 5G services will not be launched by telecom operators until 2020. It will be later than this for general users to enjoy the service. Based on the current situation, the technical foundation for 5G networks is ready and some carriers such as Verizon, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular have already started testing 5G modem.

Financial terms of the SoftBank deal with ZTE were not released.


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