Taiwan's Hon Hai Precision Industry, parent company of Sharp and Foxconn, is reportedly planning to build two new factories in the U.S. for the manufacturing of mobile phone screens and large TV screens.

The company will invest a total of USD7.3 billion into the two factories for LCD panel manufacturing and 10.5-generation production technology will be applied to make 65-inch or above TV screens.

Sharp and Foxconn are planning the other factory in America. This factory will make panels for smartphones and car electric systems and its monthly production capacity may reach 60,000 pieces, which is double compared with Sharp's capacity of similar factories in Japan. In April 2017, heads of Sharp and Foxconn visited Donald Trump to seek his support to their new panel factory project in the country.

At present, several states in America are competing for this new panel project and providing various support and subsidy measures.


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