Ad-serving companies should be quaking with fear at the launch this week of Alibaba's new Uni Marketing system, which aims to help brands build loyalty and sell products directly to Chinese netizens.

Alibaba's Uni Marketing framework captures and analyzes live data from across its vast ecosystem, and transfer it into structures that enable brands to explore the behavioral patterns of Chinese consumers. In turn, brands can use this data to power new, more targeted and effective brand building activities based on real-time data.

Alibaba boasts over 450 million annual active buyers and consumers on its Chinese e-commerce marketplace, and companies can turn consumer data into actionable insights by aggregating the information, analyzing it and making it accessible to brands. Marketers can also segment consumers across a myriad of touchpoints and through various channels to provide a complete picture of consumer behavior.

The Uni Marketing framework includes a media planning and ad-serving tool which takes information from across leading online Chinese media and feeds it back into the databank, allowing media agencies to support brands and improve marketing capabilities.

The company has not released details on the pricing of this new service.


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