Amazon is working with China Mobile's subsidiary Migu to launch the world's first joint-brand Kindle e-book reader.

With a retail price of CNY658, this new Kindle product will be formally shipped on July 20, 2017.

Customized for the Chinese market, the new Kindle aims to explore the massive online literature reading market in China. With this new product, Chinese readers will be able to enjoy the reading experience across two platforms. Kindle's e-book store will provide over 460,000 e-books while Migu will provide over 400,000 selected online literature works to offer combined e-book choices of more than 800,000 to Chinese readers.

The customized Kindle is the same as a regular one in regards to hardware specifications, including e-ink display and other parameters. The only difference is that the customized product will have a Migu logo on the back cover. Two color choices will be available: black and white.

Apart from the existing features of Kindle, the customized product will bring more perks and experience to Chinese readers, such as cross-platform synchronization of reading progress; automatic synchronized saves; and payment with China Mobile balances. In addition, those who buy the customized Kindle will gain a CNY300 Migu coupon and one-year Amazon Prime membership.


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