Microsoft announced that Horace Chow, general manager for Microsoft Hong Kong, will replace Philippe Rogge to be Microsoft's chief operating officer for the China region.

In his new role, Chow will be fully responsible for the management of Microsoft's China business and he will directly report to Alain Crozier, Microsoft's senior vice president and chairman and CEO of Greater China.

Chow has been commanding the overall strategy, business operation, and business expansion of Microsoft Hong Kong. He played a leading role in the company's transformation from the traditional software licensing business model to the cloud service platform. By using Office 365, Azure, and CRM Online, they provide professional cloud computing, cloud office, big data, and Internet of Things services to clients of all sizes to help them realize transformations as well.

Commenting on the appointment, Crozier said that Chow is an outstanding manager. With years of experience in the IT industry. He not only led Microsoft Hong Kong in achieving remarkable performance, but also helped clients and partners realize transformation via cloud services.


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