American e-commerce operator OpenSky and ESG Group have reached a strategic cooperation.

Under the agreement signed by the two parties, ESG Group will officially become OpenSky's designated agent in China. Relying on its e-commerce resources in China, ESG will help OpenSky recruit vendors in China and help Chinese sellers enter the platform of OpenSky.

OpenSky is a quality local e-commerce platform in America and the company gained strategic investment from Alibaba. Unlike Amazon or eBay, OpenSky mainly serves small- and medium-sized enterprise sellers and it helps them sell their products successfully on the platform. The major consumer group on OpenSky's platform is female consumers between 35 and 60, with high income and strong purchasing power.

ESG said that by integrating its multi-platform resources and services, OpenSky provides supply chain value services from procurement to distribution to vendors. It also offers basic technical facilities, distribution, and marketing to help over 100,000 vendors precisely reach more than ten million customers via the Internet, realizing annual sales of over USD5 billion.


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