Chinese mobile games and web games developer and publisher Forgame is acquiring, an Internet financial management platform, as the company pivots its development strategy to the technology finance sector.

At the same time, Forgame appointed Zhang Yang, chief executive officer of, as chief operating officer of Forgame.

Wang Dongfeng, chairman and chief executive officer of Forgame, said that Forgame will establish stronger core abilities and distribute services in various links along the financial chain. will become a ticket for Forgame's entry into the fintech sector.

Initially a financial management platform under Ink Group, was launched in May 2015. According to the official website of, the company's accumulated trade value was CNY62.547 billion.

Forgame previously published a report at the end of June 2017, stating that the company would invest CNY300 million to acquire a 55% stake in from Ink Group.


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