NetEase's photo album service recently published an announcement, stating that starting from March 6, 2019, it stopped new user registration and VIP recharge services and certain functions of its website were closed; and on May 8, 2019, NetEase photo album will fully stop operation and shut down server.

It is said that NetEase photo album was launched in 2003. By March 31, 2009, it had over 36 million users and more than 5.1 billion photos were uploaded to its website.

According to the announcement, users can still login, view, and download their personal album resources between March 6 and May 8. However, after May 8, they will not be able to use any function of the photo album and all data will be deleted.

Meanwhile, NetEase said that for users who have purchased VIP service and did not use up the service by the closure of the website, the company will refund them basing on the remaining service period.


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