According to reports in Chinese local media, Alibaba and China Broadcasting Network recently reached strategic cooperation.

Based on their common belief in the future of digitalization, the two parties will play their respective advantages to promote the in-depth integration of Internet and cable TV network to create more value for users and cooperation partners.

With the fundamental changes in methods and carriers of people's consumption contents, living room and family have a great opportunity to become the new portal of digital world. Alibaba and China Broadcasting Network will jointly promote the construction of a full-media integrated service platform by using Alibaba's advantages in digital transformation, Internet technology, digital entertainment, and platform operation.

The two parties will also work together to develop quality contents and cooperate to develop Internet TV to create a richer entertainment and content ecology.

Alibaba said that the two parties will implement in-depth cooperation in the Internet of Things sector to make cable TV network play a larger role in people's livelihood sectors, including emergency real-time data, smart city, and e-government.


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