On its fourth anniversary, Ucommune published an intelligent office system which aims to further improve production efficiency and connectivity.

This new ucomOS is a cloud architecture operating system basing on chromium OS underlying technology. It provides various cloud office software supports, allowing users to rapidly enter a consistent office environment with any devices anywhere. All user preferences, application information and data could be stored on cloud and realize capacity expansion at any time.

Based on the system, Ucommune will cooperate with various parties to create intelligent office ecology.

Tencent Cloud's vice president Wu Zurong said that along with Ucommune, Tencent will use its enterprise WeChat, mobile payment, social advertising, big data, and artificial intelligence tools to provide an overall enterprise cloud office solution to its member companies.

Liu Jia, general manager of Lenovo Group's SME business unit thinkplus China region, said that thinkplus started strategic cooperation with Ucommune in 2018 and they completed the establishment of a full-concept intelligent office space. Lenovo's PC business has strong competitiveness and it will have very good chemical reactions with ucomOS.

Statistics show that by the end of 2018, Ucommune had deployed over 200 joint office sites in 44 cities across China. The company's registered members were over 300,000.


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