Didi Chuxing recently teamed with Montreal Institute of Learning Algorithms in holding a seminar and the two parties announced in-depth cooperation in intelligent driving, deep learning, and AI sector.

Founded by professor of University of Montreal Yoshua Bengio, Mila is a global leading deep learning research center. It established close cooperation relationships with University of Montreal and McGill University and it has strong strength in language modeling, machine translation, and object recognition and model generation sectors.

During the cooperation period, Didi Chuxing and Mila will implement a series of basic technology researches related to intelligent driving to further improve the autonomous positioning and navigation of intelligent driving cars. They will also cooperate in migration learning and domain adaptation learning research. In addition, the two parties will include large-scale scene library association into their basic research to integrate Didi's existing data more effectively. They will jointly cultivate more AI talents to implement extensive cooperation in AI empowered society.

Ye Jieping, head of Didi AI Labs, said that as a transportation service provider, Didi is willing to cooperate with various parties. They believe that the cooperation with Mila can realize breakthrough in global transportation industry innovation, jointly develop beneficial artificial intelligence, cultivate more top AI talents, and create greater value for the development of the society.


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