Du Jun, chairman of Tencent Open Source Alliance and member of Tencent Open Source Management Office, recently published Tencent's overall open source strategic roadmap for the first time.

So far, Tencent has open the source of 75 projects, covering cloud computing, Tencent Game, Tencent AI, Tencent Security, and small app.

Du introduced that based on code opening and community management, Tencent open source roadmap includes three steps. Specifically speaking, the first step is internal open source collaboration, which aims to collaborate among small teams within department and large teams cross departments to optimize resource allocation, so as to realize technology breakthrough; the second step is external code opening, which will optimize design and code structure, expand scenario realizations, and effectively use resources from external contributors to achieve resource integration and build technology influence; and the third step is community open handling, which focuses on large-scale technology promotion and application, developer ecosystem construction, community leader and leadership cultivation, and R&D resource allocation of the entire society.

Du revealed that Tencent Open Source will focus on IaaS, container and cloud native, database, big data and AI, middleware, IoT/edge computing, and small app ecology.

At the same time, Tencent established Open Source Management Office, which includes project management committee, open source alliance, and open source compliance group. It also incubates and nurtures excellent independent open source projects via its open source review platform.


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