China's NavInfo recently published an announcement, stating that the company has signed a service agreement with BMW for car networking system.

According to the agreement, NavInfo will provide CNS-related services, including dynamic traffic information, route planning, electric car route planning, and electric car remaining mileage calculation, to BMW cars produced and launched between 2021 and 2025 and sold in the Chinese market. After the current agreement is due, it will be automatically renewed to 2029.

Commenting on the cooperation, NavInfo said that the company is committed to creating an "intelligent car brain" with its autopilot map, high precision positioning, and chips for advanced driving assistant system and autopilot, aiming to become a more reliable autopilot solution provider in China and the world.

The signing of the CNS service agreement shows that it is highly recognized by the market for automobile to go intelligent, networked, and electrified. By cooperating with strong clients, NavInfo will achieve realization of more projects and accelerate the application of its car networking system solution, which will stimulate the company's profiting ability and improve its operating performance.


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